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Organizations are composed of beloved messy humans. This means that, in addition to upholding their organizational mission, work settings must grapple with the interwoven realities of humans living in a society characterized by the harms of inequity and injustice. While many orgs have equity and justice-centered missions, they rarely take time to build the capacity required to internally practice the same values they externally purport. Water’s Edge offers strategy and guidance to support leadership in developing organizational frameworks, practices, and policies that center equity and promote cultural change rooted in anti oppression and liberatory values and principles.

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Water’s Edge offers a range of in-person and virtual workshops to meet your learning and training goals in support of anti-oppression growth and change. Selected workshop titles from past trainings include Shifting White Supremacist Organizational Culture; Embodied Anti-Oppressive Praxis in Sexuality Education; and Building an Anti-Oppressive Crisis Response Praxis. We always strive to design workshops that will serve as a container for building relationships, taking risks, and developing new ways of thinking, perceiving, and being.

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Despite the disruptive vulnerability they expose, incidents of conflict can be portals that move us closer to transformation. Water’s Edge will partner with you to design a response process that acknowledges impact, supports the full constellation of impacted humans, surfaces hidden stories, assesses organizational and/or community culture, and implements response strategies that address harm and help close the gap between your values and your practice. 

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My coaching practice offers support for self-discovery, transformation, and growth. Some foundational elements of liberatory coaching include:

❖  Co-constructing a conscious relationship agreement

❖  Centering choice and consent

❖  Noticing and honoring wisdoms of the body, mind, and spirit–however you might define those parts of yourself

❖  Inviting awareness, presence, and impact of influential cultures and systems (ancestral, social, organizational, of settler colonialism, supremacies, intersectional oppressions, etc.)

❖  Requesting and receiving accountable support

As a coach partner, you are invited to bring your full self to sessions as we explore pathways to the change you envision for yourself. 

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